Southern Hemisphere Mining Limited reports that a soil sampling program has identified a new target in the South of the Llahuin Project area (Figure 2) as a circular copper in soil anomaly with a footprint similar to the Central Porphyry and shows a robust +500ppm copper in soil contour with a peak value of 0.19% (1,869ppm).

The core 1,000ppm copper contour extends for over 200m in a NW direction. A small amount of infill sampling has confirmed the anomaly producing the best result of 1,869ppm copper in soil.

It is an exciting development as there is only one drillhole in the vicinity of the soil anomaly.

  • The 100% owned Llahuin Copper/Gold/Moly deposits host over 680kt CuEq in Central Chile.
  • A substantial copper in soil anomaly has been identified in the Southern part of the Llahuin Project with a peak value of 0.19% Copper.
  • The anomaly has a similar footprint to the Central Porphyry and has not previously been drilled.

Figure 1. New +500ppm Copper in Soil Anomaly in the Southern part of the Llahuin Project.

The anomaly is interesting as it is part of a much larger magnetic anomaly (Figure 3) which requires further soil sampling to cover the entire magnetic anomaly. Anomalous gold in soil is also coincident with the main copper anomaly and a new zone of gold in soil to the west has been discovered also associated with the larger magnetic target, with a peak value of 0.285g/t gold in soil.

Figure 3: Gold in Soils (ppm), samples with no assays are in yellow and the red circle is the interpreted extents of the porphyry system.

Details of the work are as follows:

Soils were collected on a 200m line spacing with 50m spacing between samples. Infill sampling is typically 100m spaced sample lines and 25m sample spacing.

The soils are analysed by an Olympus Vanta “M series” Pxrf. A comparison with 210 Laboratory Copper analyses showed excellent agreement with an R2 value of 0.99. An appropriate standard and blank are analysed for each batch of approximately 20 samples and demonstrates the instrument is reading within acceptable tolerances.

Figure 1. Location Map of Llahuin Project in Chile.

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News Release
Date: 29 November 2022 | ASX Code: SUH


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